Lost GoPro Returned To Young Couple A Year After It Captured Their First Kiss

Denis Zaychuk, 19, said his camera came loose after he shared a passionate first kiss with his girlfriend, and dove into the ocean moments later.

Fate gave this couple an anniversary present to remember.

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A GoPro camera was returned to a young couple after it was lost underwater, just moments after it captured their passionate first kiss more than a year ago.

Denis Zaychuk, 19, from Saint Petersburg, Russia told InsideEdition.com that he awoke one morning to a video of himself and his year-long girlfriend, Anna Panina, 18, while they were on their first date in August 2015.

They were sharing their first kiss in Vladivostok more than 6,000 miles away, when he spontaneously dove off a 32 foot cliff into the ocean.

That's when his camera came loose, and sank to the bottom of the sea.

The ViralHog video even showed fish swimming through the murky water as the camera kept filming.

"I drowned the camera," he joked.

Zaychuk said he had already forgotten about the lost footage by the time a diver, who happened to find his camera at the bottom of the sea, had posted the video online.

According to the diver's Instagram post, he was searching for his own lost GoPro when he stumbled across Zaychuk's.

He then posted the video to social media, and soon tracked down the camera's original owner.

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"I was overjoyed because it had been more than a year," Zaychuk said. "I even could not think that someone [would] find my camera. It's an incredible emotion."

The diver was then able to return the camera to the couple on the opposite side of the country.

And, Zaychuk assured, "Yes, we are still together." 

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