Fearless Deer Jumps Off Highway, Ends Up in Parking Garage

A deer jumps off of a highway and lands in a parking garage, mostly unharmed.

This deer probably won't make the cut to be a part of Santa's crew.

It jumped off a Pennsylvania highway but rather than taking flight, smashed right through a roof and landed in a parking garage. Miraculously, it survived.

Homewood Council President Alan DeSanzo, who was inside of the borough’s garage after the deer took the leap, was surprised when he came face-to-face with the animal. 

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“I heard noise coming from another section of the garage and I thought it was an employee. I called out his name and there was no reply,” DeSanzo told InsideEdition.com. “Here comes this deer and it ran one section of the garage to the other. I said, 'holy cow!'”

DeSanzo quickly got out of the garage for fear of confrontation with the animal, who was knocking stuff over, but as he was peering through a window he saw the deer bolt out of one of the garage doors.

“I go back in the building and I am looking around and that’s when I notice part of the ceiling is hanging,” said DeSanzo. “I thought my God that thing had to jump right off the highway onto the roof.”

And that it did, according to residents who had seen the incident.

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Earlier that morning they witnessed the animal make the leap and land on its butt – its fall broken by the roof’s rafters. DeSanzo said the plywood probably broke its fall when it fell 14 feet into the garage.

Photos show a large hole in the roof of the building.

“It’s pretty unbelievable. There were a few drops of the blood in the building so it wasn’t injured severely,” said DeSanzo. “If animals have guardian angels that one surely did.”

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