Kayla Berg's Mom Thought Girl in Abduction Video Was Her Daughter: 'My Heart's Dropping'

The mother of missing Kayla Berg thought the woman in a video later revealed to be a hoax looked very much like her daughter.

The mother of Kayla Berg, a 15-year-old Wisconsin teen who vanished in 2009, said the girl in a kidnapping video that turned out to be a hoax looks eerily similar to her daughter.

"It completely sickens me that someone would even think of doing something like this, just for fun," Hope Berg, wiping away tears, told Inside Edition.

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Like many who viewed the video, she was convinced the girl seen tied up and gagged was her missing daughter. She's anguished over the prank that falsely raised hope that her daughter was alive somewhere.

"Everything seemed so similar to Kayla. The clothes were matching, facial features...my heart's dropping at that point," she said. Hope thought to herself, "Could this have really been her?"

Inside Edition has learned that the amateur filmmakers behind the video are Lucy Cavo, who played the screaming girl, and Devin Wolf, who played the creepy guy named "Patrick."

They're apologizing today for freaking everyone out. The actors involved extended their sympathies to the family of Kayla Berg, saying, “We apologize for any emotional harm caused.”

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In the video, a creepy man talks straight into the camera about a girl he just met at the mall.

“I met the most wonderful girl,” he says.

“We decided to go and take a look at some of the jewelry at Kay Jewelers and she picked out this awesome necklace,” he says.

The man then says that he brought the girl back to his place. “I know she hates cameras, but I'm going to show you her, anyway,” he says. "You ready?"

The camera then pans to the girl, tied up and sprawled on the bathroom floor, screaming for help.

"Why are you doing this?" she screams in the video. 

That's when the video comes to an abrupt end.

Despite the news that the video was fake, Hope Berg is optimistic that the video will reopen the conversation about her missing daughter.

"It caught national news attention. Maybe somebody out there will finally speak up and give me the answers that we need," said Hope.

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