Trump Lashes Out Over Bombshell Sexual Abuse Claims: 'They Are Pure Fiction'

The Republican presidential nominee attempted to turn his bad October around Thursday with a booming speech in Florida.

Donald Trump hit back against bombshell sexual abuse claims Thursday in a booming Florida stump speech in which he called his accusers outright liars as he characterized the media publishing their stories as tools of the Clinton political machine.

"These claims are all fabricated," Trump told a passionate West Palm Beach audience a day after two more women emerged with claims they were touched inappropriately by the candidate. "They are pure fiction and are outright lies."

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Manhattan resident Jessica Leeds, 74, said Trump grabbed her breasts and shoved his hand up her skirt as they sat side-by-side on a flight 30 years ago. Rachel Crooks of Ohio said she was kissed “directly on the mouth” by Trump, without her consent, at Trump Tower in 2005.

Trump called the women liars.

"These events never ever happened," Trump said after kicking off his speech with the usual accusations of collusion among Clinton and the national press, illegal conduct on the part of his rival and shouts of "lock her up" from the audience. 

The billionaire also appeared to suggest that the reputation — or, perhaps, the physical looks — of his accusers might lead some to believe the he never assaulted them.

"You take a look at these people, study these people and you'll understand," he said.

Before going on to trash the names of the media outlets that published reports of his alleged misconduct, Trump said his campaign possesses "substantial evidence to dispute these lies" that will be "made public in an appropriate way and at an appropriate time."

Trump did not specify what this evidence might be or when it would be brought to light.

The New York Times named Crooks and Leeds on Wednesday. At his Thursday speech, he referred to the Times writers as "two discredited liars."

"Told another ridiculous tale, no witnesses, no nothing," Trump said. 

In a previous story, a writer who profiled Trump and his wife for People magazine came out with a similar story.

Natasha Stoynoff, who had written about Trump a number of times while she worked for the magazine, reveals she was at the Florida home in 2005 to do a story about the first anniversary of his marriage to wife Melania. She said that while a pregnant Melania changed into a new outfit, Trump said he wanted to show her another room in the home.

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"Within seconds, he was forcing me against the wall and forcing his tongue down my throat," Stoynoff said.

Trump appeared to suggest that Stoynoff, like the women of the Times story, is a woman he would personally have never made a move on.

"Look at her, look her words...I don't think so," he said.

Six women went public on Thursday with stories that echo what Trump himself said in that notorious hot mic video: “I just start kissing them. It's like a magnet.”

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