Cuddle-Crazed Canine 'Odd Couple' Adopted Together After 3 Months at Shelter

After Chewbacca and CC were left at a shelter, they were caught several times cuddling with each other and have now found a new home together.

Little CC and Chewbacca may be an unlikely duo, but the inseparable pair of canine cuddle buddies are headed home together.

An animal shelter in Iowa has been capturing the adorable moments between the two dogs for several months, and has proudly announced that they two dogs have been adopted by the same owner.

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The Animal Rescue League of Iowa took to their Facebook page to let their fans know that the popular pair known found their new "furever" home together.

"We’re so happy for them," Jessica Jorgenson, a spokesperson for the Animal Shelter, told

The inseparable pooches came to the Animal Rescue League in late August, after their owners were forced to let them go, due to their newborn baby’s dog allergies.

Chewy, 10, and 6-year-old CC were already two peas in a pod when they were adjusting to their shelter digs.

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“Every time we would walk pass their kennel, little CC was on top of Chewy and everyone knew they had such a strong bond” said Jessica. “They were inseparable from the beginning”

During their stay at the Animal League, the ‘odd couple’ were known as very playful and energetic with other cats and dogs at the shelter.

“They love walks, especially walking side by side”

The cute pups received so much attention that they had their own fan base on the shelter’s Facebook page, which included a hilarious comparison Max and Duke, the main characters in The Secret Life of Pets.

Their new owner commented under the announcement post and shared a picture of the two meeting their new swine sisters with their fan base.

And it's a regular animal house at CC and Chewbacca's new home — their new roommates are two other dogs and three pet pigs!

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