Ted Williams Gets His Life on Track and a New Look

The man with the golden voice appeared on The Early Show with his new look to discuss how he's getting his life back on track. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

We're getting our first look at the man with the golden voice since he quit rehab two weeks ago.

Ted Williams resurfaced on The Early Show Wednesday, and what a difference from the homeless panhandler who rocketed to overnight fame.

He wore a crisp gray suit, white shirt and gray tie, and sported a whole new smile after extensive dental work.

He now says he decided to go into rehab too soon, saying on The Early Show, "That was probably a very rushed decision at that point. It was too much, too fast and I was not really focused on what I should be doing."

Williams claims he's now clean and sober and living in Los Angeles.

He recorded a voice-over for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese right after his leap to instant stardom, but some advertisers have been leery about hiring him after he admitted he was drinking again.

"Some of these offers have come back to the table under the provisions that I do continue to live in a sober environment," said Williams.

And remember the heartwarming reunion between Williams and his 92-year-old mother? It turns out she she had genuine concern that he wouldn't be able to turn his life around.

Williams said, "She thought I was about to go back on the street with the sign. She thought, 'Oh lord, what did he do now?' "