Cops Hitch a Ride With Student Driver and Instructor to Catch Fleeing Suspect

"As expected, the learner driver drove safely and along with her instructor remained calm throughout the journey," cops reported.

A student driver in the U.K. got a crash course on police chases when officers in hot pursuit of a suspect flagged down her driver's ed car.

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Cops from the Kingston Police Station in London spotted a man acting suspiciously Friday evening before approaching him, but the man allegedly fled the scene, a police press release stated.

They called for backup, and officers from the patrol base responded to the call. However, they didn't have access to a police cruiser, and debated running more than a mile to reach where they believed the suspect was hiding out.

They then tried to flag down passing cars, in an attempt to hitch a ride to the location.

Luckily, a learner driver and her instructor stopped for the officers, and offered their assistance.

"Members of the public have helped officers [in the past]," a representative from the Kingston Police Department told "There is no protocol."

According to the police department, "as expected, the learner driver drove safely and along with her instructor remained calm throughout the journey," the Facebook post wrote.

Cops were able to arrest the suspect just in time, with the help of the student driver.

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The 39-year-old suspect has since been charged with resisting arrest. He has been released on bail and will appear in court next month.

Cops told they have since identified and officially thanked the student driver and her instructor.

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