Who Are Those Doggies in the Mirror? Pug Puppies See Their Reflections For The First Time

Do you think those puppies want to play with us?

Yo, Mollie, check out those puppies. Think they want to play with us?

Two pug puppies named Mollie and Mabel have gone viral crazy on the internet after their owner posted video of them seeing themselves in the mirror for the first time.

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The unbridled joy of the 12-week-old dog sisters is infectious. They jump, throw themselves at the mirror and crawl all over each other trying to get the attention of the puppies that live in the glass.

The dogs are now two-and-a-half years old, but their enthusiasm hasn’t waned.


“They love all dogs big and small and always want to play!” said owner Todd Hunter of Boynton Beach, Fla., who launched a Facebook site for the dogs called Mollie & Mabel the Pug Sisters.

The mirror video has been liked 6.5 thousand likes thus far, and generated nearly 500 comments from dog lovers.

“The response has been amazing … Everyone seems to love two cute pug puppy twin sisters playing, especially being fooled by the mirror. It’s so innocent and pure,” he said.

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Mabel is the mischievous, funny, energetic sister, their owner said. Mollie is the sweet one, laid back and calm.

But put them together, and fun breaks out.

“When they play together, they are both out of control … They sleep, eat and play together. They literally live for each other and have a very strong sisterly bond.”

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