Oops! Anchor Tells Viewers to 'Check Your Panties' After Reading Typo During Live Broadcast

A simple misspelling had one Virginia TV anchor eating humble pie.

A missing letter in a Teleprompter left this Virginia anchorman extremely embarrassed after he alerted his viewers to "check your panties."

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The unfortunate typo left Eric Phillips of NBC12 in Richmond visibly mortified. He was supposed to say, “check your pantries."

He was doing a story on a slow cooker recall when the gaffe happened. Within seconds, he realized the mistake and erupted in nervous laughter.

His co-anchor, Karla Redditte, said she caught the typo before he started reading but it was too late to warn him.

Everyone laughed it off and he apologized for the mistake.

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After the incident, he tweeted: “My partner in news is making sure I go over my scripts with a fine toothed comb because....you know...”

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