Woman at Center of Congressman Lee's Scandal Speaks Out

The woman who says former Congressman Chris Lee sent her a shirtless photo of himself is speaking out for the first time and she’s got an disturbing message for Lee's wife. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The woman who brought down disgraced Congressman Chris Lee is speaking out for the first time, and she has a disturbing message for the disgraced Congressman's wife, Michelle, saying, "Go get tested. I'm sure he hooked up with women from Craigslist who may have had seedy paths."

Yesha Callahan tells The Washington Post the disgraced Congressman demanded raunchy pictures of her in exchange for the now notorious shirtless shot of him.

Washington Post reporter Lonnae O'Neal Parker interviewed the woman who helped bring down a rising political star.

"He was clear to ask for a sexy photo and that's when she cut off communications," O'Neal Parker told INSIDE EDITION.

"Yesha Callahan is a single mother, a 34-year-old professional. She's a faculty specialist at the University of Maryland. She's a blogger. She's apparently very attractive, striking, because she is so tall and pretty," said O'Neal Parker.

Meanwhile the disgraced Congressman is reported to be in seclusion in Florida at his millionaire father's sprawling estate.