Girl, 7, Burned After Grandma Tried to Light Jack-O'-Lantern With Household Chemicals

Wanda Reyna reportedly told investigators she was trying to use anti-freeze and borax to turn the flames green.

A Florida girl was burned this weekend as authorities say her grandmother used household chemicals to light her jack-o'-lantern. 

Wanda Reyna, 62, reportedly called 911 Sunday to report that her granddaughter had been burned while she attempted to light her pumpkin with an eerie green flame.

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"I looked up and the fire had splattered and she was on the other side of it," Reyna said in the call, obtained by the Florida Times-Union. "And her dress... she just had little splatters of fire on her, so I grabbed her and threw her in the pool."

According to the St. John's County Sheriff's Office report, the girl's father reported the chemical burn at a local fire house, where he said his daughter's face and arm had been singed.

The father said his mother had mixed Borax and anti-freeze while trying to create the green flame.

"[Wanda said] she watched a YouTube with instructions how to make a green flame using Heat antifreeze and Borax," the report reads. "She didn't realize [her granddaughter] was close to her and some of the burning chemicals splashed on her face and arm."

It was at that point when the report says the girl's father rushed her to the fire station.

Officials flew the girl to a Gainesville hospital as a precaution, police said.

The State Fire Marshal's office said the incident appears to have been "purely accidental."

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Meanwhile, Reyna told the Times-Union that media coverage that has followed the accident is all overblown.

"She’s fine, she really is," she told the paper. "It was just a small accident blown way out of proportion by the sheriff’s office."

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