Halloween Redux: Little Girl Gets to Trick-or-Treat a Day Late After Being Mauled by Dog

Cailynn Moore didn't get to go trick-or-treating because she was in the hospital.

She couldn’t make it to Halloween, so Halloween came to her.

Cailynn Moore, age 4, was playing at her cousin’s house across the street from her own when a dog wandered into the yard. “I’m not sure whether she went to pet it or hug it,” her mom, Sheena, told InsideEdition.com Thursday.

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But the next thing her cousin knew, the dog was running away and Cailynn was on the ground, her face covered in blood.

That was Monday afternoon, just a few hours before Cailynn was to go trick-or-treating in her New Castle, Indiana, neighborhood.

Instead, she was inside a speeding ambulance, unable to see out of her left eye and telling her mom, “I want to go home so I can get my costume on.”

“There was so much blood,” her mom said. “It looked like her eye was bleeding.”

But the worst was Cailynn’s reaction when she looked out the window and saw with her right eye streets filled with dressed-up children. “She just started bawling,” her mom said.

Several hours and three strands of tight sutures later, Cailynn and her mother returned home, but Cailynn was inconsolable about missing Halloween.

On Tuesday, some friends posted on Facebook that Cailynn would like to go trick-or-treating and appealed for help.

The response was stunning.

“Everyone in the community was saying, 'Bring her here, bring her here,'" Cailynn’s mother recounted.

Then a local politician declared a Halloween rerun and Church Street was blocked off so youngsters and their parents could join Cailynn in trick-or-treating.

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About 300 people turned out, 30 of them children in costumes, on Tuesday evening.

“It was amazing,” Sheena said. “I just started crying. I told her, ‘This is all for you,’ and she said ‘For me?’’’

Yes, the mom reassured her. Just for you.  

"This is great!" Cailynn declared. "That’s all she kept saying, 'This is great!'"

Cops turned out, as did sheriff’s deputies, EMTs, and plenty of residents.

"I didn’t even know half of them," Sheena marveled.

Doctors said there appears to be no damage to the child’s left eye and Cailynn told her mother Thursday that she can now see out of it.  

The dog, which belongs to a neighbor, is under quarantine by animal control officials.

Cailynn's family has a pit bull, the same breed as the dog that bit her. Sheena fretted her daughter would now be spooked by the family pet.

“But she wasn’t scared of it all,” Sheena said. “She went right over to it this morning.”

Cailynn got another treat this week. On Wednesday, she turned 5.

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