Retirement Home Terrorized By Squirrel So Vicious They Call 911: 'People Are Bleeding!'

Several residents of the Deltona retirement community were reportedly bitten and bleeding as they called for help.

A Florida retirement facility was terrorized by a squirrel so vicious this week that an employee was forced to dial 911.

The call from Sterling Court Gracious Retirement Living in Deltona evokes something out of an unlikely horror film.

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"It’s jumping on people and biting them and scratching them," the caller said in the 911 recording from around 2 p.m. Thursday. "It's still in there and people are bleeding."

In the commotion in the facility's activity room, people can be heard in distress. "I feel light-headed. I don’t feel good," one woman can be heard saying. 

Asked if she believed they needed an ambulance, the caller told dispatchers: "I don’t know if we need an ambulance, but we need some care for people here."

Eventually, someone was able to fling the creature outside the building. 

By the end, at least three people had been attacked by the squirrel, ClickOrlando reports.

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It is not clear what happened to the squirrel or if officials are investigating the incident further.

A woman who answered the phone at Sterling Court said residents "were fine" and declined to give any further statement.

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