Handbag Heroines Brought Together

INSIDE EDITION brings two handbag heroines together for the first time--the super grandma who fought off jewelry store thieves with her handbag and the hero grandma who used her handbag to smack a crazed gunman.

INSIDE EDITION brought together two hero grandmothers who took on armed thugs with nothing more than their handbags for the first time.

71-year-old grandmother Ann Timson foiled a robbery by taking on a band of armed jewel thieves in England. She fearlessly hit them with her handbag.  

63-year-old Ginger Littleton is the Florida grandmother who famously swung her purse at a crazed gunman during a Panama City school board meeting.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville introduces Littleton and Timson and says, "You two are perhaps the only women in the world who can understand what the other has been through."

"It's an action that you take in a moment in time when you have to take an action," says Littleton.

"Hers was better than mine," said Timson.

"You had multiple people you were taking out," said Littelton.

Just a couple months after Littleton's heroic move in Florida, she could barely believe her eyes when she saw Timson, an ocean away taking on the bad guys with her handbag.

"I enjoy watching you. We get to be cheerleaders. Go, Ann, Go," said Littleton.

Both the women hope they made the world a little better by inspiring others not to be afraid to take a stand against crime.
"That would be the most wonderful outcome I could imagine, if other people decided to do the right thing," says Littleton.

As the ladies left INSIDE EDITION's newsroom they clutched their handbags and took to the streets of New York City ready to swing into action.