Puppy Has Whole Body Bandaged After He's Dragged by Truck for Nearly a Mile

It was reportedly an accident.

A 6-month-old pup is in recovery after he was reportedly dragged by a truck on a Texas road for nearly a mile.

The Australian cattle dog, Arlo, was left with deep skin wounds and missing tissue and muscle after the horrific ordeal that was reportedly an accident, but is still under investigation.

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Arlo was later taken to a shelter for treatment of his injuries because his owner couldn’t afford his veterinarian costs, Anna Barbosa, the owner of K-911 Rescue in Houston, told InsideEdition.com.

Arlo was later transferred to the rescue so he could get the care he needed.

“None of his wounds were wrapped, he stayed like that for 24 hours,” Barbosa said.  “He was very guarded at the beginning. He was in immense pain. You could see that big pieces of skin and muscle were gone.”

Thankfully Arlo’s wounds were bandaged at the local emergency care clinic as soon as he arrived.

He now has to have his bandaging, which covers most of his body, changed every 24 hours.

However, Barbosa said he’s doing better.

“He was wagging his tail a bit more yesterday. He hadn’t been eating. They did give him a hunger stimulant and then he wanted some chicken. He’s been trying to walk but it’s hard with [the] bandages,” Barbosa said.

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But, there is still a long road to recovery for the pup, which may even require skin grafts.

“It’s just horrific,” she said.

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