Signs of Hope: Mom Creates 'Make America Kind Again' Banners to Inspire Americans

A California woman has designed signs of unity amid a great political divide.

A message of hope and unity has inspired others to show a bit more kindness, thanks to a California woman and her Photoshop skills.

Amanda Blanc, a wife and mother from Sacramento, began designing her own brand of signs when a friend contacted her about creating birthday invitations.

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However, it was her Make America Kind Again lawn signs which stood against the political campaign signs in her neighborhood that gained the most attention online and off.

From then on, her designs took off, and Blanc suddenly had her own business right out of her family’s home.

Although the 2016 election has passed, her signs of change and positivity have encouraged others to band together, despite the obvious political divide.

“With the election, it got really ugly on both sides,” Blanc told “I saw friendships breaking, lines getting drawn, even in families in a time where we should be happy. It’s time to move on.”

Blanc’s husband is the proficient graphic designer in the family, but showed her the ropes, and she caught on quickly.

Her inspiration came from a local Facebook group of mothers sharing their insights and beliefs on motherhood, children, and the president-elect.

Blanc’s two young children also drove her to create the signs.

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"Aside from politics, I believe in building a better world for our children," Blanc said.

Not only has Blanc received several requests on Etsy for signs since October, but she has also received requests for clothing such as hats and shirts with the uplifting logo.

According to Blanc, being American is about coming together, win or lose.

“I don’t believe in a Utopian society,” said Blanc. “We live in a diverse society and with diversity comes acceptance.”

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