High Infidelity: Man Uses Drone to Catch Wife of 18 Years Who He Says Is Cheating, Broadcasts Video on Interne

John said he filmed the video after suspecting that his wife was fooling around.

A distraught husband says he used a drone to catch his wife of 18 years cheating on him.

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It's perhaps the most shocking collapse of a marriage ever seen, and many have questioned the video's authenticity.

John, who would not give his last name, told Inside Edition that after suspecting his wife was being unfaithful, he decided to catch her in the act with the help of a drone

He then released the video on YouTube with his own colorful narration. It has grabbed nearly 900,000 views.

In the video, John says: “Recently I found out that my wife's been cheating on me. Yup, great right? Yeah, I caught her meeting a guy just a few blocks from my house and I got it on video.”

In the video, John points out a sudden detour made by his wife Donna as the drone hovers about 400 feet overhead. 

John told Inside Edition: "It would be a way for me to see what I wanted to see without me following her."

She can be seen at a busy intersection near the couple's home in Pennsylvania, combing her hair.

John says all his suspicions were confirmed when he saw his wife meeting up with a guy in an SUV at their local CVS drug store.

“I was angry. I was really, really angry,” he told Inside Edition.

John is an experienced drone operator and a professional wedding photographer.

The video has fueled speculation by online skeptics that it's a hoax, apparently because it's just too shocking to be true.

“Fake. It doesn't show anything other than some woman in the parking lot. Everything else is on his word alone,” was one typical comment.

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John denies that it is fake, telling Inside Edition: “I've never put out a fake video in my life."

He added: "I understand skepticism — so many things are fake now — but this is not one of them."

He became emotional, as he recalled how he confronted his wife with the video a few days later, recalling: "She started crying and I started crying. I said: 'Why are you crying? You don't get to cry." 

He says he hasn't seen his wife since.

In an email to Inside Edition, Donna said that on the advice of her lawyer, she is not talking to anyone about the drone video.  She has also been advised to stay off of social media.

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