2 Cops Fall Into Ice Rescuing Teen, Third Cop Must Save Them

A police officer was left scrambling when two of his partners fell into frigid water trying to save a teen who fell through the ice.

When cops responded to rescue a teen who had fallen through the ice, they ended up falling in themselves. 

Bodycam video captured the dramatic rescue in Ohio. As one cop tried to walk out on the ice to save the 17-year-old who'd tumbled through, the ice cracked and he went in. 

"Get me out of here!" the cop shouts as a second officer tries to toss him a rope before falling into the frigid water himself.

All three ultimately had to be saved.

"My hands were just numb, I couldn't even feel them, it just hurt so bad," one of the officers told Inside Edition afterward.

Thankfully, they're all doing well.