Panic on the Tarmac: Passengers Shocked as Woman Jumps Out of Plane While It's Taxiing

The bizarre incident came shortly after landing in Houston.

More is being learned about the woman who opened the emergency exit door of a plane while it was taxiing at Bush Intercontinental Airport, then ran across the runway to make a getaway.

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United Airlines Flight 1892 from New Orleans landed just after 1 p.m. Monday at the Houston airport. While the plane was making its way to the gate, authorities say the passenger opened the exit door and leapt out of the aircraft.

“I was across the aisle, kind of sleeping and then I heard that noise, boom," Passenger Hampton Friedman, who shot video of the incident, told Inside Edition, "I saw the door pop open and I looked and saw this woman just step out.”

Friedman, a commercial real estate agent traveling on business, added: “Everyone around me just sort of got wide eyed and alert and was like, ‘Oh my gosh, she just jumped out of the plane!’ It had to be at least 15 feet. It was a drop!”

Another passenger, Cathy Cole, took to Facebook to explain what she witnessed and included photos.

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She wrote: “She got up, supposedly [for the] restroom and never came back but sat in emergency exit next to door. When plane stopped she opened door and jumped. I assume apprehended but plane was search and a few people were detained as witnesses. Holy shamoly! Exciting end to a great trip to NOLA!”

The flight had 98 passengers on board, who all had to wait for police before they could properly disembark.

The woman has not been identified, but she was reportedly sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

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