Bear Attack Survivor Recounts Horrific Encounter That Nearly Killed Her: 'I've Got Cuts All Over My Body'

It's a miracle that Karen Osbourne lived to talk about the ordeal.

The woman who survived a bear attack in her own driveway earlier this month is reliving the nightmare as she speaks out about the terrifying ordeal.

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It all began when Karen Osborne, 63, heard a noise coming from outside her Frederick, Maryland, home and a dog was barking repeatedly. She and her dog, Miles, went outside after 9 p.m., to investigate the commotion.

Without warning, the bear pounced.

“I heard this tremendous roar and the bear came flying at me on two feet and she bit me on the face and threw me to the ground,” Osborne told Inside Edition.

Despite the brutality of the attack, she was able to call 911 to plead for help.

"He's coming back. I’m bleeding and I’m going to die," she told the dispatcher. "Please hurry. Oh my God, here he comes. My arms are broken my leg is broken, I think. I'm chewed up on my back, on my head."

While she was on the phone with the 911 operator, the bear was snorting, stomping and getting ready to go after her again.

"She broke my pelvic bone pretty badly," she told Inside Edition. "She crushed my lung, I’ve got cuts all over my body."

The traumatic experience lasted nearly a half hour until help arrived and the 200-pound black bear took off.

"Those guys saved my life that night," she said of the first responders.

Wildlife officials believe Osborne was attacked after she accidentally came between the mother bear and her cub, which had climbed a tree nearby.

Officer Paul Pedditto said a tranquilizer gun was used to get the cub out of the tree. 

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“The victim just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time," Pedditto told Inside Edition. 

The cub was later released into the wild. Officers tracked the mother bear and euthanized it, a required procedure in Maryland after any bear has attacked a person.

Osborne's brother is now raising funds for her medical bills on Gofundme.

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