Man Mistakes Jellyfish for Breast Implants and Reports Possible Homicide to Police

He brought the 'evidence' to police.

When a man spotted something fishy on the beach in Australia, he thought he may have stumbled upon a homicide or a drowning.

Officers at the Australia police station were perplexed when a resident informed them he’d found the lone "breast implant" of the "victim."

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“Officers were all hands on deck when, much to their initial alarm, a concerned citizen attended the counter to report a possible homicide," police said in a statement.

While on the boob job, however, police discovered the "implant" was actually a transparent jellyfish.

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The species of jellyfish is reportedly commonly found in the area and not considered dangerous.

Colin Sparkes, of Surf Life Saving Queensland, told the BBC the aquatic animal's tentacles "have been knocked off by wave action or eaten by fish.”

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