It's a Twin-Twin Situation: Adorable YouTube Sisters Are Double the Cuteness

The McClure twins have gone viral with their insanely cute videos.

The McClure twins are taking the internet by storm with their adorable videos that predominantly feature the 3 year olds hamming it up in front of the camera.

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In the clips, Alexis and Ava goof around with one another while exhibiting the tender side of childhood that adults often seem to forget.

In one video, Ava finds out she is a minute younger than Alexis, who becomes crestfallen until the twins hug it out.

The duo has their own YouTube series and their video views have crossed the 1 million mark.

The sisters have videos that show off how they share, find out what an animal is and talk about how they are best friends.

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On Thursday, the toddlers were brought to the Inside Edition newsroom, where they showed off their unlimited amount of energy with reporter Les Trent, even when their mother came in to ask, “are you done?”

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