Community Up in Arms Over Rancher's Request to Shoot Mountain Lion Killing Alpacas

Victoria Vaughn-Perling claims the mountain lion, known as P-45, killed 10 alpacas on her ranch.

The rancher who wanted to kill the mountain lion that has been terrorizing Malibu recently says she will not hunt the animal after receiving backlash for applying for a permit to shoot the creature.

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Rancher Victoria Vaughn-Perling says she will work with California’s Department of Fish and Wildlife and the National Park Service to find a way to capture the mountain lion, named P-45.

The mountain lion slaughtered 10 alpacas at Vaughn-Perling’s ranch.

“It was so extreme. It didn't eat anything. It just killed and left it there. It was so horrific,” the distraught rancher told Inside Edition of one alpaca death.

The rancher was granted a permit to shoot P-45 by state officials Monday, but it caused uproar at a public gathering, where one P-45 supporter said: “They bring these alpaca from South America into mountain lion country and when the mountain lions eat the alpaca they want to kill the mountain lions!”

Wendell Phillips said P-45 killed 11 animals on his ranch.

"If he was just eating one animal once in a while because he was hungry, everybody would understand that. But this? No," he said.

P-45 wears a tracking device in a collar and wildlife authorities are able to follow his every move.

Victoria Vaughn-Perling told Inside Edition: “I hope it is put somewhere where it will be safe because if it continues to keep eating the local livestock, someone is going to shoot it.”

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Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl issued a statement Thursday saying: “I am very grateful to the property owner for her willingness to work with my office, the National Park Service, the National Wildlife Federation, and others, to spare the life of one of the precious few mountain lions left in our Santa Monica Mountains.

"This is a great example of the constructive ways that government, residents, nonprofits and activists can work together to forge a common-sense solution that is a win-win for wildlife and ranchers."

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