Mom-to-Be Attempts to Reveal Pregnancy With Pictionary... But Her Friends Just Don't Get It

The mom-to-be drew a sun, to represent her nickname "Day," and a pregnant woman, but her friends totally missed the clues.

Who knew drawing a picture depicting pregnancy would be so difficult?

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When Andreanne Langevin of Montreal, Canada, discovered she was pregnant, she couldn't wait to share the good news with her two best friends, Alex and Fred.

Inspired by their monthly or bi-monthly get-togethers over Settlers of Catan and other board games, Langevin called her two best friends, and suggested they get together for a more intimate night playing Pictionary, that would actually serve as her surprise pregnancy reveal.

It seemed obvious to Langevin that once she drew a sun, to represent her nickname, "Day," and a pregnant woman, her friends would immediately guess that she and her boyfriend Jay were expecting.

But the process proved to be a little more complex.

"Suntan baby," Alex guessed, in a video licensed by Caters News.

Fred even exclaimed, "She ate the son! That's it!"

"A new day? A new life?" Alex chimed in.

After nearly four minutes of wild guesses, Fred finally realized, "Is this your way of telling us you're pregnant?"

Langevin later told, "They're extremely competitive. Alex's mindset was still in the category, and when she sets her mind to something, she can be weirdly focused on it."

And because she strayed from the typical idioms one might find in a game of Pictionary, she admitted, "technically, I should be disqualified for this one."

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Langevin said that after being together for a year, she and Jay are expecting their first baby together, a boy, in March 2017.

"They should have expected it," Langevin laughed. "It was pretty obvious."

Langevin also added she will be officiating Alex and Fred's wedding in the coming year.

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