Woman With Breast Cancer Claims She Was Humiliated by TSA: 'You Can't Touch Me There'

Denise Albert believes TSA agents were intentionally messing with her.

Television and radio personality Denise Albert, who has breast cancer and wears a medical port in her chest, has claimed she was "aggressively" searched by TSA agents at Los Angeles International Airport.

The co-host of “The Moms” radio show was traveling with colleague Melissa Gerstein, who shot video of the pat-down.

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In it, Albert is seen sitting down with her shoes as a female agent pats her legs and groin area. When the agent puts her hand on Albert’s chest, the passenger says, "I have breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy. I have a port in me. You can’t touch me there."

She told Inside Edition the experience was "horrible" and the agents "had smirks on their faces. I think it was a game for them. There was no reason for this."

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Albert says her medical port is easily infected and shouldn't be handled by anyone but her doctors.

Albert has filed a formal complaint with the TSA, she said. The agency is investigating and issued a statement saying it “deeply regrets the distress additional security screening caused Ms. Albert."

Albert said she was searched after she told screeners she had a medical condition and carried special cream for burns and sores she got during chemotherapy treatments.

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