9-Year-Old Collects Nearly 300 Blankets for Underprivileged Kids for Christmas

Emma Burkhart said she wanted to help children in need.

When 9-year-old Emma Burkhart received two blankets for her birthday in August, she came up with the idea to give the other one away to someone in need, but she didn’t stop there.

That November she decided, with her mother's help, to start the Keep Kids Warm Blanket Drive, which would give blankets to children in need for Christmas.

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On their first go-round last year, they collected 200 blankets after setting up drop-off locations in their Oklahoma town.

“I felt super-duper happy and I was so excited because I knew all those kids would get those blankets,” Emma told InsideEdition.com

The blankets went to three local organizations — Families Feeding Families Christmas Program, Adopt-a-Block Program and Student Assistance Program — and distributed to kids who needed them.

This year, Emma wants to surpass last year’s total and is hoping to collect 350 blankets. So far, the drive has collected 270.

Emma said she got to meet some of the children who received the blankets last year — a special moment for her.

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“It went really good. I love seeing those smiles when they are getting the blankets. I hugged them and it was a really good feeling inside,” said Emma.

Emma’s Mom, Melissa Burkhart, said she’s in awe of her daughter.

“I think it’s amazing and I just love her heart in giving to others and I’m very proud of her for thinking of other kids,” Burkhart said.

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