Frosty the Inflatable Snowman Gets Shanked by a Grinch

St. Louis homeowner Jeff Diggs caught the Grinch in a surveillance video.

Not every Grinch steals Christmas — some of them stab it.

Home surveillance footage from a St. Louis front yard recently caught a guy in the act of impaling Frosty the Snowman.

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Thanks to homeowner Jeff Dibbs' cleverness, however, the sad tale has become a model of the Christmas spirit. 

After first spreading the word to warn neighbors about the heartless act, which briefly left Frost withered, Dibbs decided to try to bring some humor to the situation.

"Unfortunately, we have a lot of petty crimes, lot of break-ins," Dibbs told He posted a comical GoFundMe page about the incident.

"Frosty was stabbed once in the right side of his abdomen in a “mob hit”-style assault. The assailant appears to be a white male possibly in his mid-20’s with a bandana covering his face," the fundraiser text read.

What happened next came as a surprise to Dibbs: A few folks started giving money to his fake cause.

"I never thought anybody would. But as people donated I thought, why not give it to charity," Dibbs said.

Dibbs decided to work with a local charity he'd personally worked with, Judge Joe Murphy’s Good Kids In Need, which he says has been helping to brighten the holidays of local people and families in the St. Louis region over the last 16 years.

Not only is the season's charitable giving all sewn up for Dibbs, but so is his inflatable Frosty. He used a needle and thread to patch the inflatable, which is now standing back up and as jolly as ever. 

All that's left now is to catch the culprits seen driving up in a pickup truck in the video. Neighbors have told Dibbs they recognize the Frosty assailants as kids from the area. 

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Dibbs doesn't think they should face criminal charges, but believes those responsible should take a lesson from the positive way the prank turned out.

"I will try to reach out and say, 'put that truck to use and go deliver some gifts to needy kids,'" Dibbs said. "I'd tell them to up and offer their time for the community."

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