John Glenn, the First American Astronaut to Orbit the Earth, Dead at 95

2016 continues to be a year where we see icons taken from us.

American Icon John Glenn, the space pioneer who became the first American to orbit the Earth, has died. He was 95.

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Glenn passed away surrounded by family and friends at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Ohio, The Columbus Dispatch first reported Thursday.

He is survived by Annie, his wife of 73 years. The couple had two children together, John David, 70, and Carolyn Ann, 69.

In 1962, Glenn rocketed to space on the Mercury-Atlas 6 mission and completed three orbits around Earth in a nearly five-hour excursion.

Prior to his space adventure, Glenn was a Marine Corps. pilot, serving in the Korean War.

He was prompted to join the military by the attack on Pearl Harbor, the 75th anniversary of which was Wednesday. Glenn, then a college student, quit school to join the U.S. Army Air Corps., he flew 149 combat missions during his time has a fighter pilot. 

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Following his service in the military and space, he was an Ohio senator for 24 years. In 1998 at 77 years old, he became the oldest man to travel to space.

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