Family of Baby Born Mid-Flight Asks For Donations For Long-Term Medical Costs

Baby Jet, born 14 weeks premature, and his mother Erica Walton, have both reportedly been in the hospital since the miracle birth earlier this week.

Baby Jet, born earlier this week, is thriving despite being born 14 weeks early aboard a Southwest Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Orlando.

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But the struggle to survive is not over for the family of the miracle baby. The Florida family has since set up a GoFundMe campaign, in anticipation of the preemie baby's long-term medical costs.

"The expenses are just starting," baby Jet's aunt, Lisa Parada Barber, wrote on the GoFundMe page. "Offering the financial burden that comes with this type of situation is one way that I believe would provide a lot of relief for them."

Barber explained that the family has relocated to Charleston, so Jet can be cared for at Medical University of South Carolina. Both parents have stopped working, and do not believe medical insurance will cover all the expenses.

Jet is currently being treated in the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit. His 33-year-old mother, Erica Walton, is expected to be discharged Friday, according to WKMG. She was admitted along with her son after giving birth Sunday.

"Imagine being hundreds of miles from home, with no family and nothing but a few clothes from your suitcase," Barber wrote.

Walton and her husband were reportedly in the Philadelphia area earlier this month for a baby shower. The flight diverted to Charleston from its original destination of Orlando after Jet was born 30,000 feet in the air.

"My sister Erica, and her husband Chris, were so scared when she went into labor on the plane since she was only 26 weeks along in her pregnancy," Barber wrote.

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Doctors on the flight were able to make sure Jet's birth went smoothly.

The baby was born premature, weighing only 2 pounds.

Inspired by the in-flight experience, the baby's parents named him "Jet." But the name also happened to be one the parents were considering before his unexpected arrival.

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