1-Year-Old Makes Hilarious Face on First Ever Disney Ride

Her parents didn't notice her reaction until they saw the photo.

One dad wasn’t expecting to capture a hilarious moment while on a Disney World ride with his toddler.

The "Frozen" themed ride was one-year-old Poppy’s first one ever and it said it was for all ages. 

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“The ride was mostly animatronic characters singing songs and us pointing out details to our little girls. Then the ride got dark,” Ryan Dunlap, Poppy’s dad, told InsideEdition.com.  “The front tipped forward and we slipped down a very small drop.”

But it wasn’t until later, when Dunlap saw the photo of what he thought had been a calm and fun ride, that he noticed Poppy’s reaction.

“She wasn't acting traumatized on the ride and was fine for the remainder. I'm sure the experience surprised her since it was her first ride, but we didn't know she had made that face until that night when the friends we rode with showed us the picture on their Disney app,” Dunlap said.

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The family posted the funny photo on Reddit where it received a lot of attention.

“I think we can all enjoy a kid making a funny face and take a little break from everything going on in 2016, and I'm glad Poppy was able to provide that for quite a few people,” Dunlap added.

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