Meet the Abandoned Pit Bull Helping Police Fight Crime

Kiah was found behind a convenience store.

Kiah is one of the newest members of a police for in New York, and in spite of the bad reputation that pit bull terriers get, she is making great strides in fighting crime.

She was found behind a convenience store, where she was hit over the head and abandoned before she was rescued by a Texas animal shelter, according to reports.

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She now serves the Poughkeepsie Police Department by detecting drugs and tracking missing people.

On Monday, Kiah and her handler, Officer Justin Bruzgul, appeared on the Rachael Ray Show, where they were showered with treats. Ray, herself a pit bull owner, gave them a year's supply of her Nutrish dog food and donated to Universal K9 and Animal Farm, two organizations that helped rescue and train Kiah.

After Kiah was found, she was given to the police force, thanks to a partnership between Universal K9, and Animal Farm Foundation, a nonprofit that works to ensure "equal treatment and opportunity" for pit bulls.

She’s now one of New York State’s first K9 pit bull officers.

In spite of her experience, rescuers said the pup was still very loving and friendly.

“All pit bulls are not nasty and aggressive. She’s lovable. She’s friendly. She came from a horrible situation and that’s the most rewarding, getting her a better life and she has it,” said Bruzgul, her handler.

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Kiah is also a goodwill ambassador for her breed.

Bruzgal said that pit bulls themselves are not dangerous animals, and when raised properly, they can make a big difference in their communities.

To see Kiah's surprise, tune into the Rachael Ray Show on Monday, December 12 or click here for more.

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