Students Celebrate Enthusiastically When Classmate Receives Acceptance to Cornell University

Hard work paid off for this Louisiana student when he received his acceptance into the Ivy League school, and all his classmates celebrated with him.

This time of year is always stressful for high school seniors applying to college, but this Louisiana student's hard work paid off when he received his acceptance into Cornell University, and all his classmates were there to celebrate with him.

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Brendon Gauthier, a senior at TM Landry College Prep, is one of only 14 graduates at the Breaux Bridge school this year.

In a video posted to the school's Facebook page, Gauthier can be seen sitting with his classmates, waiting in anticipation for the Ivy League school's decision on his acceptance.

Suddenly, the students burst into cheers as it is revealed Gauthier was accepted into the prestigious Ithaca, New York, school. His classmates congratulate him with screams, and warm embraces.

"Brendon is an exceptional young man," said the school's owner, Michael Landry. He can even be seen in the video picking up Gauthier, and celebrating with just as much excitement.

According to Landry, the school is 95 percent African American, and every graduate goes on to four-year universities with many continuing on to Ivy League schools.

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The school, hosting grades 1 through 12, is only made of about 100 students, and Landry and his wife were the only two teachers until this year.

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