Actress Who Played Cindy on 'The Brady Bunch' Fired for Homophobic Rant: Report

Susan Olsen, who is best known as the youngest daughter of 'The Brady Bunch,' lashed out on Facebook.

The woman who portrayed Cindy Brady on television's The Brady Bunch has been fired from her talk radio show after reportedly spewing homophobic slurs in an explosive Facebook post. 

Susan Olsen's trouble began December 7 when gay actor Leon Acord-Whiting was a guest on her LA Talk Radio show Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics and subsequently criticized the former child actress as a "Trump fanatic" in a Facebook post.

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Acord-Whiting wrote, in part: "It is wildly irresponsible for LA Talk Radio to allow a Trump fanatic to co-host one of their programs, where she can spew her idiotic lies unchecked. (Being a liberal and a patriot are mutually exclusive? Hillary is causing the protests & hate crimes? The Koran is a political tract?)"

After calling Acord-Whiting a "little piece of human waste" on her Facebook page, Olsen reportedly sent the actor a private message, one he subsequently shared with his followers.

"Hey there little p--sy," read the message, which Acord-Whiting has since taken down. "You are the biggest f----t ass in the world the biggest p--sy! My D--k is bigger than yours Which ain't sayin much! What a true piece of s--t you are!"

In a December 9 Facebook post, LA Talk Radio announced the organization had parted ways with a host who "veered off" the station's LGBT-inclusive path.

"LA Talk Radio takes pride in its close and collaborative relationship with the LGBT community," the station wrote. "We will not tolerate hateful speech by anyone associated with our radio station and have severed our ties with a host that veered off the direction in which we are going."

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In a post that contained an apparent admission of fault as well as a nod at her continued cash flow from The Brady Bunch, Olsen wrote:

"People can have different opinions, thats how we learn. That is exactly what makes each and every one of you so precious to me! I LOVE to be told that I'm wrong and to actually see that I AM wrong! How blessed am I to be trusted in the hearts of so many people that I have never met? You people are almost as good as getting residuals for the reruns...OK not really as good."

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