Critics Blast Controversial Wedding Proposal That Involved Fake Police Standoff

"Why would someone do that to someone they love," one person tweeted.

A police chase that resulted in a terrifying police standoff was anything but over the weekend when a young man who had Tasers aimed at him proposed to his girlfriend.

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Daiwon McPherson was with his girlfriend, Shawna Blackmon, and his biker friends when police in Mobile confronted him at a gas station. Blackmon stepped in to defend her man.

As McPherson was on his knees with the weapons drawn on him, he pulled out an engagement ring and proposed.

The police and his friends were all in on the gag and Blackmon was caught off guard, much like the viewers of the video after it hit social media.

One person tweeted: “Omg that's horrifying. She must have been so afraid!”

Another said: “Black men and women are getting shot everyday and you make a mockery of police brutality to propose? Really? I'm sick.”

But others are praising the woman for stepping in to defend her man.

“Nice to see a woman fight for her partner. Love can heal the world,” tweeted one supporter.

Blackmon told Inside Edition: “I wasn't terrified, a little scared yes because I thought he was gonna go to jail.”

McPherson is defending his actions and his plan, telling Inside Edition: “If I did hurt anybody I apologize. I just wanted to give her her own special moment.

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He says the officers agreed to help out in an effort to ease tensions between the police and the biker community.

A police spokesperson said in a statement: "At no time was he placed in any danger. No guns were involved and the Tasers weren't loaded."

“I feel like that was the best proposal in the world and I am the happiest girl in the world right now,” Blackmon told Inside Edition.

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