Charlie Sheen Temporarily Loses Custody Of His Twins

INSIDE EDITION has video of Charlie Sheen’s kids being taken away from his home after his ex-wife Brooke Mueller filed for a restraining order.

It was a heartbreaking scene as Charlie Sheen's twin sons were taken away by authorities.

In a video posted by RadarOnline, Sheen stayed remarkably low-key. He held one son Max in his arms while a nanny held Bob.

The twins, just two weeks from their second birthdays, were also calm. They are too young to understand the tense drama unfolding around them.  

The doors opened and brave little Max waved at the strangers who came to take them away.

Sheen described the poignant farewell scene live on the Today show. He said the children were about to be put to bed when the police came to enforce the court order obtained by his estranged wife Brooke Mueller.

"They didn't have car seats so I provided them. And I said, 'I love you' and I said 'Don't say goodbye say, see you later,'" Sheen said.

"Goodbye!" waved his son Max.

Sheen replied, "No, we'll see you soon, buddy! We'll see you soon absolutely, we'll see you soon, you have my word. Pop don't lie."

The tender farewells took place in the driveway of Sheen's sprawling Los Angeles mansion.

Sheen carefully buckled the children into the car seats himself, reassuring them the whole time that he will see them later.

Sheen appears stoic but when the car was about to pull away, he was heard saying, "This is not the America I was raised in. Tiger blood now drips from my fangs."

RadarOnline's Senior Executive Editor Dylan Howard explained, "Clearly it was a heartbreaking time for those in the house. To see two young children innocent and oblivious to what's going on and to see them saying "Bye Daddy' really makes it a heartbreaking video."

Sheen said he allowed the poignant moments to be videotaped by RadarOnline to prove he cooperated with the court order.

Now the stage is set for what could be the custody fight of the century.