6-Foot-Tall Baby Giraffe Takes First Steps Minutes After Its Birth

Lizzy is thriving at the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa.

In an amazing birth video, a baby giraffe was welcomed into the world and was up and walking in less than an hour.

Uzuri, a 19-year-old giraffe, gave birth to baby Lizzy at the Blank Park Zoo in Iowa earlier this month and the calf is now thriving.

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Lizzy was born at six-feet-tall, one of the tallest babies the zoo has ever seen, and has become an ambassador for her species, according to zoo officials.

“Less than an hour after birth, Lizzy was up and testing out those long legs but of course, mom was there to guide her,” a zoo official said.

It’s a big moment for the species less than 100,000 are believed to be left in the wild.

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“She is very bouncy, very robust, and all of our testing so far is that she is very healthy, so we're very happy with what we've found,” the official said.

Lizzy will be out for public viewing when the weather warms up.

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