Best Friend Comes to the Rescue After Little Girl Was Left Alone at Her Own Birthday Party

A girl found herself all alone on her birthday until one little guy came to the rescue and turned her frown upside down.

Brookelyn Schermann could barely contain her excitement as her fifth birthday party approached, but her anticipation quickly turned to sadness when she found herself alone.

But then the best friend swooped in to bail her out, and help her blow out her candles.

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Brookelyn was saving her pizza and cake for her classmates at her party earlier this month before realizing she was a party of one.

Her mother, Anna Schermann, was "pretty disappointed" that no one even considered showing up for Brookelyn’s special day.

“I handed out the invitations to her teacher but once the date started to come closer, I saw that no one was getting back to me and I started to get real worried,” Schermann told

Brookelyn’s sister Brianna walked around the aquarium where her party was held to distract her, but the little girl's face was fixed in a frown.

“I kept hoping and hoping someone was going to come. I started to think maybe it was  the muggy weather we were having, but I just didn’t want to make it into a big deal,” Schermann said.

And that's when Bryce showed up, and Brookelyn's eyes — and spirits — lit up.

“Once she saw Bryce, it was over,” Schermann told “She forgot about everyone [else].”

The pair had a blast running around the aquarium where they played and ate yummy cake together.

Brianna told her little sister’s story on Twitter with a few adorable photos of a beaming Brookelyn and Bryce. She never expect her tweet to receive so much attention.

Bryce and Brookelyn have known each other since they were in diapers and have been best friends since then.

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With a friend like Bryce, it's safe to say that quality is better than quantity.

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