What's Not to Love? Darlene Love Carries on Holiday Tradition With Performance on 'The View'

The singer performed her hit, "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)."

Darlene Love hit all the right notes Thursday as she sang her Christmas classic with the ladies of The View

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Inside Edition was on set for the taping of the show before the singer performed "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home). The show airs Friday.

“The reason it never gets old is that I only do it once a year,” Love said.

The ladies of The View sang backup.

“I love Darlene Love,” Joy Behar told Inside Edition. “What's not to love about Love! Her voice is like liquid. It's amazing.”

Last December, Love started a new tradition of performing the song on The View after her 28-year-run singing it on The Late Show with David Letterman.

“[Letterman] said no one is coming on my show to do Christmas but you,” Love recalled.

Her last performance on Late Night was a grand affair; it was December 2014, five months before Letterman's last show.

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"He told her, 'I hope someone picks up the show' and we did," Whoopi Goldberg told Inside Edition.

The venues may have changed, but the voice remains the same.

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