Did Bieber Fan Punch Selena Gomez?

Was Selena Gomez punched in the mouth by a Bieber fan while out to dinner for boyfriend Justin Bieber's 17th birthday? INSIDE EDITION reports.

Was Selena Gomez punched in the mouth by a jealous Justin Bieber fanatic?

Gomez kept her hand firmly over her mouth as dozens of photographers swarmed America's hottest teen couple. They had just celebrated Bieber's 17th birthday at a popular Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. In one photo, Gomez appears to have a swollen bloody lip. Bieber looked upset and even gave the finger. As he tried to drive his girlfriend away, he leaned on his horn.

Justin's Twitter page exploded with speculation about what had gone down.

"Is it true that Selena Gomez was punched in the face by a Belieber?" wrote one Twitterer.

But Gomez's rep says there's "absolutely no truth" to the rumors. No word as to what did cause Gomez's fat lip.

As for Bieber flipping the bird, the teen idol apologized, tweeting, "had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and i reacted in a way i know better. im sorry."

Ever since the 18-year-old Disney star started dating Bieber, she's received online threats from his obsessed fans.

But Bieber Fever is not to blame for Gomez's bloody lip.