This Cold House: Winter Weather Causes Lighthouse to Transform Into Magical Ice Castle

Temperatures ranged from -5F to -15F in Michigan.

As polar vortex-like temperatures swept through Michigan last week, causing the area to freeze over, one photographer found an opportunity to capture something very special.

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Joshua Nowicki grabbed his camera and braved the sub-zero temperatures, ranging from -5 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend, and snapped a frozen-over lighthouse in St. Joseph, which rests on Lake Michigan.

The waves from the lake slammed against the lighthouse and combined with the frigid weather conditions, it caused the lighthouse to ice over, creating a magical castle look.

Nowicki posted video of the incident on Facebook.

The lighthouse looked as if it came directly from the movie Frozen or a similar fairytale.

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But it may not last, as the current weather in St. Joseph has risen to 26 degrees and will continue to warm up to about 43 degrees by Christmas.

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