Secret Santa Surprises 21-Year-Old Who's Raising Her Siblings After Their Mom Died

She has been taking care of them since her mother died at 18.

An Idaho woman’s incredible kindness continued when she used some of the money donated to her by a Secret Santa to give back - again. 

Hope Larson was given $5,000 cash and $2,000 in gift cards by a couple wishing to remain anonymous after she was nominated for the award by a friend.

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Larson has been taking care of her three younger siblings since her mother died of cancer three years ago, all while going to school and working.

Now 21, she has custody of her two younger brothers, 12 and 13, and takes care of her younger sister, 17, who also lives with her.

In the emotional, surprise moment captured by East Idaho News, Larson broke down in tears at the gesture.

“I had no idea. When I opened the door I saw a camera and a microphone I was scared. And then I found out all I could do was cry like a baby,” Larson told

She says she had no choice but to take responsibility after her mother's death to keep her siblings from going separate ways.

“I’d rather have my family together than have them go to foster care. I couldn’t just see my family go away, Larson said. "That would make me a horrible person.”

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But, instead of using the money for her own family, Larson donated the gift to three other families to ensure they would have a nice Christmas as well.

“I’ve always wanted to do that, I just never have the money during Christmas,” Larson said.

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