Mickey Rooney's Daughter Says His Shocking Claims Are True

INSIDE EDITION talks to the daughter of Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney who says his claims of elder abuse are, in fact, true.

The nation watched in shock as Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney bravely confessed to a Senate committee that he was a victim of elder abuse. Rooney's daughter Kimmy spoke out for the first time to INSIDE EDITION and said her father's shocking claims are true.

"Do you believe your father was the victim of elder abuse?" INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret asked.

"Yes.Yes I do. I think it has been going on longer than any of us would like to admit," Kimmy answered.

Kimmy said her 90-year-old dad had been abused both emotionally and financially for 20 years by his own stepson, Chris Aber. She said Rooney's family suspected what was going on, but he was too terrified to tell the family.

"We spoke about it, all of the kids and my father, but my father was really afraid to come out like he has now," said Kimmy.

Rooney claims Aber kept him prisoner in his own home and is responsible for $400,000 in missing funds. His honorary Oscar® for his spectacular career of nearly 400 movies is also missing.

Aber and his mother Jan deny all the allegations.  

Kimmy said that Aber was her father's main caregiver and tried to keep everyone else away from him.

"He wouldn't let us be alone with my dad," claimed Kimmy.

"So he was always watching?" Moret asked.

"He is always watching," replied Kimmy.

"Do you feel your father was betrayed by his own stepson?" Moret asked her.

"We all feel a deep betrayal, not only towards us, but to my dad," said Kimmy.

Kimmy is one of Mickey's eight biological children and her mother was Rooney's fifth wife. Kimmy watched her father's emotional testimony to the Senate committee and couldn't hold back her tears.

"When a man feels helpless, it's terrible. And I was helpless," Rooney said during her testimony.

"It was very sad. I love him with all my heart and I am extremely proud of him," Kimmy said.

INSIDE EDITION also caught up with Aber at his home outside Los Angeles. He lives just five minutes away from Rooney. Aber says he never abused Rooney. He said that he is devistated that his stepsister would think such a thing.

"It hurts me very much. It hurts to know that my father is hurt too. I love my father. I love my sister very much. We are very close. I thought we were very close and once this all blows over we will be friends again," said Aber.