Video Shows Family of 'Bridalplasty' Contestant Confronting Her Suspected Killer After She Vanished

Jackie Rogers admitted he was having an affair with Lisa Marie Naegle prior to her death.

Cameras caught a dramatic confrontation between the suspected killer of a reality TV show contestant and her distraught family.

The family of slain 36-year-old Lisa Marie Naegle became amateur detectives when she vanished after attending a birthday party in California Saturday night.

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Naegle's family members interrogated 34-year-old nursing student Jackie Jerome Rogers, who was the last person to see her alive at the party.

In a video of the confrontation, Rogers said: “I really loved her, you know. I'm not going to lie.”

They even took photos of his hands as evidence.

Rogers was on his knees as he confessed he was having a secret affair with the former Bridalplasty contestant.

A family member asked Rogers: “I'm going to get personal. Are you guys having relations?”

“Yes, we have relations. Yes,” he replied.

The family member then asked: “Did Lisa make you think she was going to leave her husband to be with you?”

“I didn't know what to think,” he said.

Her sister, Danielle, said she never suspected she was having an affair.

“He's just a nursing student that she took under her wing and she was just helping him out. That's all we knew,” Danielle told Inside Edition. “I didn't think there was anything there.”

Rogers initially claimed he did not leave the party with Naegle, telling the family: “I can't grab her, you know, say, 'come with me, you know, it's time to go home.'"

But family members did not buy his story, having uncovered surveillance video of her and the suspected killer leaving the party together.

The family then called the police.

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One family member told Inside Edition: “He was nervous. Antsy, nervous.”

Police say Rogers later told them he beat Naegle to death with a hammer after she tried to end their affair. He told cops they could find her body buried in his backyard.

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