Road Block! Excavator Traps Suspected Drunk Driver, Stops Him From Going Anywhere

The driver was three times the legal limit after cops say they gave him a breathalyzer test.

An alleged drunk driver in Canada was halted by a quick-thinking excavator operator, according to police.

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Queens District Royal Canadian Mounted Police received a call Thursday afternoon from an excavator operator in in Brackley, Prince Edward Island who said he stopped a man from driving while apparently impaired.

According to police, “the operator said that a driver of a vehicle got out of his car to confront him about his work. In conversing with the driver, the operator observed signs of intoxication.”

The operator strategically placed his machine in front of the driver's car and then lowered the bucket of the excavator over the vehicle, essentially creating a make-shift road block.

Sgt. Leanne Butler of the Queens District RCMP told the CBC: “It's certainly a first that I've seen that. The officers responding probably haven't seen something like that before either. It was a different way, but it was effective."

When police arrived, they found the 50-year-old driver of the car in another vehicle and gave him a breathalyzer test. It was then determined the driver was three times above the legal alcohol limit, police said.

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“Even though we don't really encourage people to get totally involved in a citizen type arrest or anything like that, we encourage them to call us. In this case, it had a good outcome that we were able to get the impaired driver off the road,” Butler told the CBC.

The driver was taken into police custody.

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