Papa John's Worker Shot in the Head During Delivery After She Was Called In on Her Day Off

It came just a week after another employee was shot in the same area while on the job.

Brooklyn Rouse, 21, was on a scheduled Papa John’s Pizza delivery when she was shot in the head; just a week after another employee was shot in the same area in Georgia while on the job.

Rouse had only been working for the Papa John’s in Eisenhower Crossing for two weeks when, on the day after Christmas, she was called in on her day off, according to reports.

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Rouse was bringing two pizzas to Macon’s Bloomfield neighborhood and was at the front door of 2443 Vivian Drive when she was shot in the left cheek, her neck and head just after 8 p.m., according to police.

Police are still looking for the assailant who was reportedly unmasked. But, another employee, 23-year-old Duncan Siror, was also shot in the shoulder by an unknown gunman just a mile and a half away from Rouse’s destination the week prior.

Emergency responders found Rouse lying on the ground in pain and she was transported to the hospital where she was listed in critical condition.

Police said Rouse told them someone had approached her and asked for money before the shooting.

Latavia Coleman, Rouse’s aunt, said Rouse is now in recovery.

“She’s just in for a long fight,” Coleman told

Regional store manager, Frank Hurley, told that the crime is particularly unusual.

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“Nothing crazy has ever happened like this,” Hurley said. “It’s where most of our business comes from.”

The location, however, has decided to stop delivering to the area due to safety concerns.

Hurley said Siror is still working at the location and doing okay, but nine delivery drivers have quit since the shootings.

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