That's a Hatch-22: Holiday Heartbreak as Some Hatchimals Refuse to Come Out of Their Shells

Some of the families lucky enough to get a hold of the year's most desirable toy were in for some disappointment.

Hatchimals were the biggest toy craze of 2016, but for some kids who were lucky enough to find one under the Christmas tree, there was only Hatchimal heartbreak.

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"My Hatchimal won't wake up," said one little girl who resorted to performing surgery with a tablespoon to break her Hatchimal's shell.  

In another video posted online, a little boy can be heard saying: "We have tried to open it for five hours." 

One father had to improvise to open his child’s Hatchimal, shaking it so hard that it finally began to open up. 

Beth Lynch of St. Louis said she bought two of the must-have Hatchimals for her daughters. One hatched — and one didn't.

“I hate to see my kids bummed out on Christmas so watching her be sad made me sad for her,” she told Inside Edition.

Some took to social media to express their frustration.

“Four hours of rubbing and patting and watching videos and reading tips and tricks. Nothing. Our very frustrated 5-year-old broke down and asked if we could just break it open,” read one tweet.

Spin Master, the company that makes Hatchimals, released a how-to video on how to hatch a stubborn toy.

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In the video, they explain: “There are two locks at the bottom of the egg. Turn one clockwise 90 degrees and pull out. Repeat then process with the other lock. Your Hatchimal is now awake!"

The complaints grew so serious that company issued a statement:

"We are committed to doing everything possible to resolve any consumer issues. We sincerely apologize and thank everyone who is experiencing an issue for their patience."

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