From the Pulse Nightclub Shooting to Pokemon Go, Here Are the Top Newsmakers of 2016

The year 2016 has certainly earned a few pages in the history books.

The world will be shaped for years to come following the events of 2016.

In June, an ISIS inspired shooter massacred 49 people inside Orlando’s Pulse nightclub as 53 others were injured in the deadliest terror attack on us soil since September 11.

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ISIS-inspired events occurred all around the globe. In March, a Brussels airport was attacked by the terrorist group. In June, during Bastille Day celebrations in Nice, France, a lone terrorist carried out an attack by plowing through a street filled with revelers inside a box truck.

Earlier this month in Berlin, a similar attack was carried out at a Christmas market. The terrorist was later shot and killed in Milan, Italy.

It was a year filled with tension in the streets across America after several shootings of black civilians in many states by police officers.

In July, amid a peaceful protest in Dallas, a lone sniper killed five police officers. After an intense standoff, the shooter was killed.

There was also outrage over what was seen as a slap on the wrist sentence of Brock Turner, a Stanford University swimmer who was convicted of sexually assaulting a young woman while she was unconscious. He ended up serving just three months in prison.

In 2016 we cheered on inspirational athletes like Simone Biles during the summer Olympics in Rio, but the games were tarnished by swimmer Ryan Lochte lying about being robbed at gunpoint at a gas station.

Also grabbing headlines in 2016 was the story of Sherri Papini — the California 'supermom' who was abducted while jogging and then released 22 days later on Thanksgiving — beaten and emaciated.

Papini's abductors are still at large.

The world saw Great Britain leave the European Union in the historic “Brexit” vote in June.

The refugee crisis continued to mount around the globe as thousands left countries in North Africa, and places like war-torn Syria to build a better life.

The year also gave us a new national obsession — Pokemon Go. People across the world took to the streets looking for these little animated critters.

It was also a horrific year for reality star Kim Kardashian, who saw her husband Kanye West hospitalized for some kind of mental breakdown right after she was also robbed of millions of dollars in jewelry inside a Paris hotel in October.

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As for the story of the year, there's really no question about it — the election of Donald Trump has captivated the world.

The real estate tycoon will be sworn in on January 20 after defeating Hillary Clinton in the November election.

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