Seal You Later! Rescuers Release Excited Baby Seal Back into the Ocean

A young seal is finally released back into the ocean and he couldn't be more thrilled.

An adorable baby seal finally regained his sea legs, thanks to the kindness of a few wildlife rescuers.

The tiny harbor seal, nicknamed Frankenseal or Frank, was abandoned on the coast of Maine, alone and malnourished.

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The poor pinniped was severely underweight and suffered from pneumonia, along with respiratory and parasitic infections.

A few locals spotted Frank terribly ill and unable to move his small, fragile body as he was stranded on the sandy beach.

Just when all hope was lost for the mammal, a team of volunteers from the National Marine Life Center rescued Frank and nursed him back to health.

“We found out that he was in serious need of rehabilitation and we transported him to our center,” Director of Marine Life Rehabilitation, Kate Shaffer, told

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After three months in their care, Frank was finally well and strong enough to be released into the ocean.

His rescuers watched the tender moment as Frankenseal reunited with the cool, refreshing waves and the distinct smell of salt-water.

“He came out of the crate and slowly waddled into the ocean,” said Shaffer. “The dozen or so volunteers that were there said it was so inspiring to watch.”

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