How These 3 Teens Kept Their Cool After Boat Capsized: 'We Were Just All Thinking Positive'

The three said they didn't have time to grab lifejackets as the boat turned over two miles offshore.

Three teenagers perched on the hull of their capsized boat two miles from shore and calmly waited for help.

The trio, Zack Sowder, his brother Jacob and Brent Shishido were fishing off the Florida Keys when water began pouring into their rented, 22-foot vessel.

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The trio didn’t have time to grab life jackets when their vessel flipped.

“We’re in the middle of the ocean, we flipped a boat,” one of the boys can be heard coolly telling a 911 operator.

“Are you staying on top of the water?” the dispatcher asks.

“We’re staying on top, but I’m not sure how long we can last, though,” Zach replies.

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“And you can’t get anyone’s attention around you?” the operator says.

“No. We’ve been trying,” Zach answers.

One hour later, help finally arrives.

“We were just all thinking positive. No one was really panicking or anything,” Zach told Inside Edition.

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