Andy Dick Takes Drug Test on Camera

Andy Dick follows Charlie Sheen's lead and takes a drug test on camera in an effort to prove he's clean. INSIDE EDITION has the results.

It looks like Charlie Sheen has set a trend: taking a drug test on camera to prove you're clean.

The latest to try it is comedian Andy Dick after published photos that apparently show him snorting cocaine off a CD cover.  

Dick claims the photos were taken weeks ago and that he has since sworn off drugs.   

To prove it, Dick took a urine test in front of a camera for the website

Dedicated to setting the record straight on celebrity rumors, is the brainchild of TV producer Jay McGraw, son of Dr. Phil McGraw.

The first test turned up negative for drugs taken in the last seven days.

"I told you! I mean I've been clean for a while," said Dick on the video.

But says a more thorough test, one using a hair sample, revealed probable drug use in the last 60 days.

Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to do a Charlie Sheen-style test after all.

Andy Dick is due in court in West Virginia at the end of the month on charges he groped two men at a nightclub. He denies the charges.